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Male sexual dysfunction primarily refers to the inability of a man to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient for satisfactory sexual performance. It may also encompass conditions such as low sperm count or reduced sperm motility

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One of the most important factors about a pet’s life is the information of, the use of, and the growing knowledge of medicine. Medicine is a form of art. It depends on how skillfully doctors apply their knowledge when dealing with patients.

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We would like to thank you from the bottom of our heart to DR G Bharathiraja & all nursing staff & entire crew of Alpha mens medic for the excellent treatment & care provided. Once again thanks a lot…



We are grateful to the doctors of this clinic very much! Excellent service and timing. We will be coming soon for a scheduled checkup and hopefully will find the same doctor.



This clinic is really wonderful and amazing, I am extremely happy with both the quality of service and the great specialists who work there. Your help is greatly appreciated!


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Erectile dysfunction (ED) specifically refers to the consistent inability to achieve or maintain an erection that’s sufficient for sexual intercourse.


Premature ejaculation (PE) is a condition where a man ejaculates earlier during sex. It’s a common sexual medical condition and it may occur at any age.


Low libido refers to decreased interest in sex. It’s a common sexual problem that can affects both gender and caused by various factors like ageing.

Prolong your sexual lifestyle

taking care of your health

Setting the right goals while being in a treatment will definitely help you get closer towards the recovery. You don’t have to make them long-term or complicated, at least at the beginning. We don’t want our patients to have mental stress that can cause roadblocks on the way to the full recovery.


Difference between andrologist and sexologist?

An andrologist specializes in male reproductive health and anatomy,
while a sexologist focuses on sexual behavior, relationships, and dysfunction in
both men and women.

When to meet an andrologist/sexologist?

For sexual health issues consult sexologist; for male reproductive system
problems consult an andrologist.

How to recognize that you have problems in the reproductive systems specially among men?

Reproductive problems like — Erectile dysfunction, Low desire, Low or
no ejaculation of semen etc. Pain, swelling and discharge in the testicle or penile

Is urologist and andrologist are same?

Urologists are the health care experts who deals with issues related to
Kidneys, Ureters, Prostate and urinary bladder. whereas andrologist are
specialist in taking care of sexual dysfunction challenges and investigate deeply
into male reproductive health.

Does counselling with the experts in sexual education or sexologist helps you to improve your confidence?

Definitely, it is. The experience of sexologist in improving the
relationships of many will guide you to start and take your relationship with

How sex doctors help you in overcoming the sexual problems and relationship issues?

They will help you to build improve emotional and sexual communication
to foster healthier intimacy. They will teach you specific techniques that will
enhance your sexual life style.

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